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Image:College Square North, Belfast (2) - - 1134946.jpg|thumb|230px|The Belfast Natural History and Philosophical Society Museum at No. 7 College Square North, completed in 1831. The portico is an exact copy of the octagon tower of Andronicus in Athens. '''The Belfast Natural History and Philosophical Society ''' was founded in 1821 to promote the scientific study of animals, plants, fossils, rock (geology)|rocks and minerals. The Society was founded by George Crawford Hyndman, James Lawson Drummond, James Grimshaw, James McAdam, Robert Patterson (Belfast)|Robert Patterson, Robert Simms (the younger)|Robert Simms, Francis Archer, the Thomas Dix Hincks, Edward Hincks and Edmund Getty. Five years later in 1826 Alexander Henry Haliday and William Thompson (naturalist)|William Thompson both joined. In 1823, the Society’s collection and the small...
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